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What's Next for GotDead!org

Page history last edited by Flopsy 11 years, 10 months ago

Dancing on the Grave of Capitalism! - The Halloween 08 Street Party in Canary Wharf


Well, well, well – We DID IT! <cheers. applause, shouts of "Bravo! Encore!!"

For a full Action Report see Tim's Indymedia London posting Pix-&-Vidz - Dancing on the Grave of Capitalism!

Congratulations to all involved in pulling off a pretty magnificent Anti-Capitalist Street Party in the Belly of the Metropolitan Beast – see the Action Report mentioned above for specific thank-yous. All of which begs Spike Milligan's favorite question...


What Are We Going To Do Now?


Suggestions From Camilla

Flopsy said at 9:05 am on Nov 6, 2008:

Have we got a page for discussion of possible dates, floating ideas rather than saying, yes, this is a definite happening...? [We have now, and this is it – Tim]

For instance, one suggestion is to aim at a carnival/zombie action for the date of Mardi Gras (Feb 24, day before dark moon).

In the meantime, there are three dark moon periods for possible build-up actions connected to dark skies, potentially at local, decentralised levels...

Another suggestion for Christmas period is connected to Zapatista anniversary Day of Dignified Rage (Dec 26/27, also dark moon)


And now we hear, Marina is cooking something up for Yuletime 


More possibilities now coming to light... The next dark moon period (Fri/Sat Nov 28/29) coincides with the anti E.on Foff weekend of actions. The horsefolk will be galloping on down to join some local London actions. The horsefolk are also going to be spurring in the direction of the Cimate Change march on Dec 6.


Mardi Gras, Tuesday Feb 24, is shaping up as a Zombie/voodoo walk down Oxford Street with massed sambistas, and Keystone cop security.


The March new moon event is on the simmer: a Mad Hatters' Tea Party and picnic at Buckingham Palace. Liz Windsor could be persuaded to invite the family down. Wear your best crowns, and bring croquet sticks to play with the Queen of Hearts, Alice, and the White Rabbit...


Mayday themes include grassroots activities of Maypoles outside 32 London town halls, to celebrate fertility, and highlight environmental and housing concerns...


watch this space for the build up to June 18 anniversary celebrations... 

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