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GY4 AntiViolence

Page history last edited by Dalinian 12 years, 1 month ago

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Comments (2)

Flopsy said

at 3:58 pm on Oct 26, 2008

We are the local working class. Many of us are children, others elderly or frail. We don’t like violence. It’s not for us. Unlike New Labour politicians, we respect other people’s countries, premises and homes. We don’t smash borders to steal territory or resources that don’t belong to us. We wait for an invitation. If we are not invited, we stay outside. What applies to international relations applies equally on a local scale. We don’t break windows, we don’t smash doors. We believe in the rule of law. We will uphold the law even when our politicians do not. On this special evening in memory of our ancestors, we will be respectful enough to hear their voice.

Dalinian said

at 6:49 pm on Oct 27, 2008

Thanks, Chris – well-worded, and you're addition appears both on the maquette page above and on the same AntiViolence page on our graveyard.at website. And we've sucessfully used a wiki to colloborate on website design – excellent, eh?

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