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graveyard-dot-at Website

Page history last edited by Dalinian 13 years, 9 months ago

Exploring Design Possibilities for Our 'Shop-Front' Website: graveyard.at


Here's where we can use our collaborative website to try out some 'what if...?' speculative senarios for visuals and interaction – to refine the design of our our Dancing on the Grave of Capitalism! 'shop-front' public information point/advert website at graveyard.at so we all feel a sense of attachment and commitment to the finished design, through having taken responsibility for making it so.


Here are a couple of designs from John, the former based on a text suggestion from Chris. predicated on images distrbuted by Camilla.


Here's a graveyard.at website design maquette by Tim.



Graveyard.at Website Design Process – Socialise It!


Howdy Ghost Riders in the Sky,


Having a collaboration website up and running at graveyardat.pbwiki.com means we can use it to explore various visual and interactive "what if?" scenarios for the design of our Dancing on the Grave of Capitalism! 'shop-front' public information point/advert website at graveyard.at – much as a shared spreadsheet at, eg: Google Docs, would allow us to explore a variety of financial "what if?" scenarios if we were to be planning a budget for future income and expenditure.

I'm really pleased that...

  • Camilla has distributed so many great images; that 
  • Chris has suggested a possible website design in words; and that 
  • John has explored that suggestion and another possibility on the web.

But I feel like we're not going to get the best result possible from these encouraging beginnings unless we socialise the design-&-decide process, by making best use of the decision-making process practices which pervade modern social justice movements.


"Fighting for freedom is not letting your leaders think for you and decide, and following obediently behind them, or from time to time scolding them. Fighting for freedom is partaking to the full of ones capacity, thinking and deciding for oneself, taking all the responsibilities as a self-relying individual amidst equal comrades... it is the only way to freedom. To be liberated by others, whose leadership is the essential part of the liberation, means the getting of new masters instead of the old ones. Freedom, the goal of the workers, means that they shall be able, man for man, to manage the world, to use and deal with the treasures of the earth, so as to make it a happy home for all. How can they ensure this if they are not able to conquer and defend this themselves?" ~ Anton Pannekoek, "Workers' Councils"


While ackowledging that time is tight, I'd prefer us not to fall into a top-down, 'Chris-is-the-boss-let-him-choose' trap. The great gain of the direct action movements with which I've been involved for the last decade (see About Tim for info – and don't forget to to edit your own 'About {Name}' page) has been the rise and adoption of consensus decision-making.


"...it's extremely important for people with power not to let anybody understand this, to make them think there are big leaders around who somehow get things going, and then what everybody else has to do is follow them. That's one of the ways of demeaning people, and degrading them and making them passive..." ~ Noam Chomsky, "Understanding Power"


In this instance, if we've all been involved in the process of...

  1. putting forward interactive visual proposals - by uploading and linking images and/or text to our collaboration website;
  2. discussing the best points of the various proposals - eg: by using the page foot 'Comments' fields; and then
  3. synthesising a collectively built and approved design - by combining 1 & 2 into a 'best of' website design

...then we're all going to be more enthusiastic about promoting Dancing on the Grave of Capitalism! because we've all taken direct responsibility for making its principle promotion vector the best website it can be. The alternative being presented – let the boss(es) decide – may be best in a military combat operation, but it's really a very poor choice for this design-&-decision process, since it...

  • fails to tap into the creative imagination of we organisers as a team;
  • fails to capture the creative intuitions that can arise in the cut-&-thrust of a collective design process;
  • fails to create a design to which we all feel an attachment and commitment, through taking away our responsibility for making it as it is.


I've been too busy to demonstrate in deed what | mean by 'uploading and linking images and/or text to our collaboration website', but I'll get right on it so you can see what I mean – and hopefully be inspired to use your own creative imagination to upload/write in suggestions of your own.


Peace & Love,



13:08 Wed 08 Oct 08



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