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About Tim

Page history last edited by Dalinian 12 years, 5 months ago

Contact Info:

Email: tim.dalinian.jones@googlemail.com

Phone: 07 834 076 983 – mobile/voicemail/text/MMS

Blog: tinyurl.com/dalinian

Facebook: tinyurl.com/FB-dalinian 





Tasks I'm Working On:

  • Developing this graveyardat.pbwiki.com website
    • to do list:
      • Anthem
      • Hints & Style Guide
      • Prop Making
  • Creating a graveyard@lists.riseup.uk email list


Tasks You'd Like Me To Work On:

  • {your wish list items here}




About Me:

Tim's been making trouble for the capitalists since the 1982, and spent 13 years as an ICT professional in tertiary education (from which he has now recovered, thank goodness ;-). Tim has bipolar disorder, and inbetween episodes of debilitating clinical depression, he's gained a wealth of prior learning and previous experience in political campaigning, direct action and ICT:

  • Workers Against Racism - eg: the Workers March Against Racism 1982 from Brick Lane via Brixton to Brighton; physical defense for East End Bengalis against NF & BNP thugs
  • Women's Liberation Movement - eg: supporting Reclaim The Night marches
  • Irish Freedom Movement - eg: the Bobby Sands Hunger Strike Commemoration March, 1982
  • Miners Strike - support network promotion 1984-5, in South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and London
  • ICT Professional - lecturing and ICT support at South Bank University, 1987-2001
  • Gay Liberation Movement - eg: campaining against Section 28, 1988 to victory in 2003
  • Anti-Poll Tax Union - campaigning in Haringey alongside Dave Morris (McLibel co-victor, with Helen Steel), 1989 to victory in 1993
  • Anti-GM Movement - eg: co-founded GenetiX Snowball London 1998, for clandestine and open crop-pullings, farm-scale trial mass trashings (such as the 600-strong Watlington wipe out, 1999), supermarket distribution depots blockades, et al
  • Peace Movement - eg: breaking in to RAF/USAF Lakenheath and building a 'Breaking The Bonds' Mass Direct Action Plan in the run up to the Iraq invasion, 2002-3
  • Web Development - eg: volunteer web development assistant, CPRE 2006-7; developed three wikis at Wikia
  • Revolution in Second Life - eg: building the 1st global strike solidarity action which secured 9000 IBM Italy workers a victory in their real life dispute, Sep 2007; building peace movement protests against repression in Burma and against the US attacking Iran, Dec 2007; spreading the Gift Economy paradigm - tinyurl.com/gift-economy
  • Climate Change Direct Action - eg: growing involvement with Climate Camp, Rising Tide and Workers' Climate Action, Sep 2008-present
  • Anti-Capitalist Street Party - ie: Dancing on the Grave of Capitalism!



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